Design Innovation Institute Shanghai (DIIS) is a non-profit advanced research institution dedicated to creating world-leading design innovation with real-world impact.

Located in the North Bund CBD area of Shanghai, DIIS was founded in 2020 in cooperation with Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and Shanghai Hongkou District Government.

With a global design ecosystem and advanced technological research, DIIS is driving industrial transformation through design innovation.



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Transformation means “the act or process of changing in composition, structure, character or condition,” while innovation is defined as “the introduction of something new.” (Ref: Merriam Webster Dictionary)

At DIIS, our focus would be on educational innovations on teaching and learning methodologies taking into account the students, their families, community and culture.


  • Design Universe serves as DIIS's multidisciplinary event platform aimed at fostering a robust ecosystem of design innovation. Since its establishment in 2021, Design Universe has successfully launched an array of public event programs, including annual creative camps, design salons, design exhibitions, thematic workshops, roadshows, entrepreneurship awards, industry open days, and public open days.

    With a participation exceeding one million individuals, Design Universe has played a pivotal role in directly catalyzing the development of novel products, services, and economic opportunities.


  • Established by the DIIS under the guidance of the Shanghai municipal government the Frontier Design Prize is a visionary, leading-edge, international design award. 

    The Frontier Design Prize was established with the aims of encouraging the development of design innovation, enhancing the impact of design in driving innovation and industrial transformation, and promote design’s role on shaping a better world across the society. These aims are met by rewarding and recognizing outstanding personalities and works of design that have made a paradigm-shift contribution to the design field with far-reaching international influence.

    There are 3 distinct awards: Distinguished Contribution, Innovation of the Year, Innovation of the Year (K-12).

    For further details on Frontier Design Prize, please go to:


Prof. Min Wang

Chief Academic Officer

Prof. Srini Srinivasan

Chief Operating Officer

Prof. Simon Collins

Chief Creative Officer

Aldo Cibic

Chief Advisor

Yanping Wang

Chief Development Officer








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