Design Innovation Institute Shanghai (DIIS) is a non-profit advanced research institution dedicated to creating world-leading design innovation with real-world impact.

As design assumes its place as the third pillar of innovation alongside technology and market dynamics, DIIS was founded in 2020 with the overarching objective of establishinga world-class engine for design-driven innovation transformation.

Situated in the recently restored 90-year-old heritage building formerly known as the Lester Institute of Technical Education, DIIS is nestled in the North Bund CBD area of Shanghai.

Within the DIIS framework, an array of innovative platforms has been created, including design master studios, industry joint laboratories, D.Transformer incubator, Design Universe event platform, and Frontier Design Prize, an international accolade. Collectively, they serve as magnets for international talent and a thriving business ecosystem, driving the transformative progress of diverse industries while contributing to high-quality economic development.