Master Studio

DIIS brings together leaders in the field of design innovation around the world and establishes interdisciplinary master studios to empower industries through strategic research, product/service development, branding & communication, team training, prototyping and implementation.




DIIS has established co-laboratories with a number of industry leaders to address strategic enterprise innovation needs. Through cross-disciplinary R&D, brand elevation and partnership building, the co-labs serve as external hubs for product and service innovation, and collectively build a cross-industry collaborative innovation consortium.




In collaboration with frontier international enterprises and platforms, DIIS empowers startups through the D. Transformer incubator. Leveraging the institute’s inter-disciplinary innovation ecosystem and design-driven methodology, the incubator covers multiple verticals from Artificial Intelligence, ESG, to MedTech and consumer electronics. Since 2023, hundreds of startups have had their debut at DIIS, leading to dozens of newly formed companies and further growth.